Wee hours of reflecting. What time suits you?


There is something romantic about conversations at 2:30 in the morning. Especially if it does not involve fighting, or anything similar to that matter.

Truly, it is times such as these wee hours in the morning that yield the utmost amount of reflecting. Of feeling and of analyzing.

Situations past, situations present…

The “how am I to handle this being up at this hour when my society expects me to run with a clear and open mind in pure daylight?” Running, in pure daylight, like a vampire seeking home base.

But really though, even though I was hoping to get some sleep in in order to wake up in a few hours, bright and early and get my workout in, I am at this point of time. In the night. In the morning..and feel sort of like “whats the point in even trying to sleep?”

I could use this time productively actually, and read my school books because I do have some catching up to do…

But honestly, I really don’t feel like thinking too much right now.

Reflection is good.

Rest, is essential.

I wonder how today will end up going…


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