Bailando Dance Festival notes, For the love of…


So this weekend I had the privilege of attending Bailando Dance Festival in CC, TX for the price of completely FREE.

I attended my first ballet class, EVER. It is always great to dance with other people and to watch the performance of other companies and individuals. I have to say I have gained so much more respect for ballet dancers over the weekend. So many YOUNG dancers, so AMAZING at what they do. I can’t help to think how much improvement it would have made had I been dancing since I was a young female. I could only imagine.

Ive never been such a girly girl and into dance or gymnastics, but it isn’t till the past few years that I have realized how much I truly love movement, especially of the spontaneous sorts. And also how I can turn all this strength (said to be not so feminine to some) into something sensual yet strong at the same time.

Just like this…

Possibly the strongest sloth you will ever know.

I also took a hip hop class that was in the utmost need for energy, energy, energy. I loved it so very much. The choreography encompassed moves of various styles…house, boogloo, pop and lock. It isn’t often that I take a hip hop class, but when I do, it inspires me to want to create a piece so much more, with so many more people (or at least a few).

With hip hop, its funny. As cheesy as it sounds, I feel that hip hop has really “saved my life” at times. The music (message in the lyrics, beats, rhythm) more than anything, but the dancing has allowed me to express a part of myself that is eager to emerge. Its the hard hits, the emphasis in movement, the slow paced switching up, the illusions and the humor that may come with them. Its like magic.

Taking a bellydance class is always a buffer. It always helps me refine what I know, and usually there is something presented that I have not yet encountered, or have not yet encountered in the same way. I am glad that I took this class this weekend because as a student, I should always be wanting to refine and practice, especially with other teachers and styles. As a teacher, having more experience and variety can open up so many doors in to the training that I give my students.

Forever expand your mind, body and soul.

Often times I can get discouraged, and the question that pops up frequently is one of “Why?”

“Why do you dance? For what?”

Sometimes it gets kinda sad you know, dancing by myself all the time (not that I don’t prefer it at times).

It can be hard to stay motivated, especially if you are someone that does things in order to present, or because there is a “have to” component.

But with dance, I have come to answer these questions only recently with the same answers…

For the love of dance,

For the love of movement. 

For the challenge.

For the discovery.

Another class taken was over choreography. “Why do you make choreography?” was one of the first questions to float into our ears. This class was cool, it gave us different ways to analyze what we are creating, and different ways in which we could go about the process of creating something with an idea in mind. Thats kinda hard for me, because I don’t ever really have an idea of a “message” that I want to get across. But the choreography gods have me wanting to dive into something deeper and more dynamic than I have ever really tried to grasp with choreographing anything. I have never really presented or gone through and finished a whole entire piece. I usually just start my piece, and then come back to it later. Usually it remains unfinished. Maybe that will change soon. Another thing to remember about choreography is that it does not need to be complicated to have an impact. Even the simplest moves can have the greatest effect when initiated at the right moment.

Anyhoo, now it is time to put some of these thoughts in motion. The only thing about having dreams, is that you just gotta do it!

Lovely sunday folks ❤


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