As I debate back and forth on whether or not I am to delete my Facebook account, I realize just how much I haven’t written here on word press.


I came back to my blog to discover several unfinished posts, drafts.

I always seem to start, but never seem to finish because I feel the post is just not quite complete.

anyway, I suppose Ill start this one with taking note of the books I have been reading lately.

First one is Writing Down The BonesFreeing the Writer Within by Natalie Goldberg. I sought out a book about writing. Not a book on HOW to write, just a book about writing in general. I was looking for something to steer me in a different direction because as much as I do write (obviously not on here, but in my notebooks), I kept catching myself referring to the same ideas time and time again. Its interesting though, because even tho the ideas where usually the same or related, I would always seem to write about them in a different way, using different words every time. I believe I will go back through some books every now and then and post some of this writing in the future.

Anyway, this book is pretty alright so far. I suggested it to a friend in case he ever got stuck with his writing. He says it sounds like a “self help” book, so I guess it could be called that to. Alas, it is what it is and its pretty much confirmed everything Ive thought about just “letting go”. Not just with writing, but with exercise, movement, and lifes hassles in general.


The other book I am reading, is a fictional book, written by Nikki Grimes called Bronx Masquerade. In this book, Nikki takes the perspective of several students said to be growing up in New York. Nikki spews the life of these high school students as they each begin to write (some already having done so) and speaking, open mic style, as an assignment for class. The students get pretty into it and the open mic begins to happen more often than not. Its pretty exciting how Grimes can step into so many different lifestyles and portray the thoughts that she believes these students would be thinking. All through poem and prose. I love the open mic idea because I simply love open mics! Words and their delivery can be the most powerful thing in the world at times.


On another note, I have up and started school again and am pretty excited about this health promotion programming class. I have an idea set out to reach “at-risk” youth and “troubled teens” looking for a way out, for an outlet to help sort through themselves and discover something deeper than themselves.  I hope I can influence something greatly because having something deeper than myself is the only way I can get up in the morning. I guess in a way, I am hoping to help others like myself. I think its a great idea, and I have been brainstorming. It also, may get dangerous…but we shall see what comes of it. I have high hopes.


On matters of dance, I am excited to be attending Bailando Dance Festival this weekend in corpus christi, Tx. I am receiving free entry in trade for some volunteer work and free hotel room if  I need it :). Thanks to Vitality Exhale, ACC student dance company.

Last month, I was in this huge transition phase and had received an email from bellydance superstars. they were having auditions, and I seriously thought about trying to make it all the way out there. But alas, other things fell into place, and I know that if I am meant to keep dancing, then more opportunities for me to expand will arise. Just like the ones that has been lately, as I have begun to teach a private belly dance class to a few ladies. It is a great experience as I attempt to explain all the many details of “what should” be, and what really doesn’t have to, about the style.


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