From the Inside->Out anddddd Portrait Drawing peep


So lately I have been doing a whole bunch of exploring…

with movement, and books, and sound…and food (yes…I secretly wish to create a cookbook of sorts one day -_-).

I have so many books stacked, yet I have yet to really touch most of them. Of course, I pay attention to some more than others…in intervals, as usual.

I feel like I finally have some time to explore art styles, and music, read books and watch documentaries, meet with other creative people and simply be INSPIRED.

Its hard to stay inspired you know, when you feel like your just going through the motions.

Thats how I felt when I was in school…like I couldn’t really do so much with what I already have right now.

And now that I am taking a break from school, I am attempting to explore what I really do have already.

My artwork

my body

my mind

my soul…and what it truly does feel and wish to leak out to the world.

I am a strong believer in following your dreams and in the fact that hard work will pay off.

Lately, however, I have come to find that I feel the only way from me to do that, is to stray away from what I feel that I am “supposed to” be doing- University structured education. I have honestly tried my hardest to maintain a positive light, telling myself that attending school is what I am supposed to be doing and that I am doing the right thing. But now, that I have this said time to myself, I am gaining a bigger light on parts of myself that I have been shunning for way too long.

I am not saying that they will blossom like wild flowers, but they are giving me some ideas what exactly I can be doing right now…

One must not forgot, however,

that despite all of the outside influence that may arise from books, or other peoples experiences,

it is within ones self that the true sense of being exists.

By this, I mean, that one will only produce, develop, outgrow or fit into any particular position in life via what they themselves see, desire, and do in response to their Own experiences, feelings, findings, and emotions.

Perhaps I shall create a small list of the books and films I have been interested in, but for now I am tackling another subject, Portrait drawing.

As far as my art education is concerned…I have only had AP art classes in High School. I have taken a watercolor class during my 2nd year of college and a photography class around that time as well, but that is all the art education I have received.

Most of the time, when I draw something, I have NO IDEA what it is going to be. I hardly ever have something to go off of, unless I am practicing from still life, but usually, my animated characters are simply ink vomit. They are mindless creations of simply exploring a blank and empty space. I usually am just aiming at exploring in which ways I can manipulate a line/lines in different patterns of shape and curve…

Sometimes, they turn into figures that are easily recognizable. Other times, it is nothing but said lines…everywhere. Sometimes the lines will then turn into a figure…and vise versa.


All in all, I usually just kind of go with the flow…and only recently have I really started to try and base my artwork on other peoples ideas. On the images that others have in mind, but are asking me to manipulate and make into something tangible.

It is quite difficult -_-…but I find that I like the challenge. It is a great way to explore, and create…at the same time. I am a big fan of research…and when someone expects something, I want to make sure and get as many details as I can into what they are expecting.

A friend recently asked me to teach them how to draw portraits.

Now, when I draw portraits, I notice that I usually aim for perspective. I ask myself…”how far away is said ear, from said nose…and nose from said eyebrow?” etc etc etc

Are we drawing from real life, or is this image/character imaginary?

However, what works for me, might not always work for other people…there of course is the idea of creating one big circle and then dividing the face into sections and then filling in each section with what is supposed to occupy it.

It is all still in an essence of measuring…is what is comes down to. Whether you use your thumb or a ruler, you kind of always have to try and figure out how far away something is from something else…and then in what ways is this body part longer or shorter, in comparison to others (when getting into full body portrait drawing).

These are are a few examples, of ways that I would use to analyze drawing a portrait of someone…

practice, however, is the best tool. And also, to keep in mind that portraits DO NOT always have to be symmetrical. The best and cutest characters in books and films have characteristics that are distinct and individual to themselves. This of course, gives them their “character” :).

How do you draw portraits? What sense of perspective do you find helps the most?

Till next time,


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