Artist Spotlight: Jason Levesque (AKA Stuntkid)



Ive been in awe with the works of Jason Levesque (AKA Stuntkid) since his first couple of illustrations were posted up on his blog. Since then, he has uploaded so much more.

The jellyfish encounters and drippy lips where the first of his works to draw me in. To me, the work of Jason Levesque just, POPS.

A mixture of the female body, combined with natural anatomical and earthly inhabitants. We are talking plant life, sea life, food, blood, and body parts of the whole and/or dissected sorts.

All of which, are simply mesmerizing and captured by SO MUCH DETAIL. Blood dripping, bone showing…illuminated by the light of photoshop editing. You would think all of his work is created on photoshop, but most of the works in progress I have seen, have stemmed from clear and precise ink drawings by hand.

Just how I like it.

Check the blog spot for more information, but also check the Facebook to see daily/ more current uploads and posts of works in progress. Some really beautiful pieces out there.

And Alas!

A coloring time lapse of one of my  most recent favorites:

…me and my addiction to anatomical structures.


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