Artist Spotlight: DJ Signify, Producer love in the Underground Hip Hop world


for how long I have listened to Signify, that is unknown.

I discovered my love for these beats when I saw Aeosop Rock and Black Moth Super Rainbow for the first time at Emos, here in Austin, TX. That is where I purchased my Tour Only 45’s Plus CD…and loved every second of it.

From what I have read, Signify branches out of Brooklyn, NY (awesome!). He is associated in the underground hip hop world with artists such as Aesop Rock, Sage Francis, and Blockhead. All of which surely have a place in my heart.

A beat maker supreme, I would say. There is something mysterious about his melodies that makes each individual track worth mentioning in its own way.

Just recently have I been reunited.

Nothing but love for the ebb and the flow.

Oh, how it makes me sway…and remember that it’s good to slow down sometimes.

The next few weeks of school already got me all sorts of scattered.

But listen to this, and its ALL good.

Here are a few tracks off of the CD I just purchased (sadly, there isn’t too much on the YouTube):

Someone made a music video with the ending of the song, Vanessa:


If interested in any more of Signifys music, just follow that CD link previously mentioned. Lots of good sounds to explore.


<3, JLT


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