New music discovery, walking photos and Art Show update. Let’s rearrange.


I just feel like Ive been so incredibly productive the past couple of days. I cleaned (literally, scrubbed) and organized my tiny apartment. I got rid of old garbage ( literally, and metaphorically)…and I simply enjoyed every second of it.

Cleaning can be pretty therapeutic.

You sort through yourself as you sort through your mess.

It works.

Here are some tracks that embraced me along the way.

I have also been diving into lot of new music. Some whole albums, some are just one track at a time. You can’t have a cleaning session without stopping to dance every so often.


Praise the ones that deserve it!

“Don’t sell yourself to fall in love with those things you do.”

I wish I could DL this track on iTunes…

You know that essence of having someone…and you miss them when they leave. But if things are genuine…you know that the energy does not and will not disappear…even if they are half way around the world. This song makes me feel that way. Its a deep and beautiful feeling…connection across distance.

Along with those tracks, I have also started to gather a small collection of classical piano. I just downloaded albums from David Nevue and Ludovico Einaudi. Here are 2 tracks that pulled me in:

I also went on a walk yesterday, here are a few shots I took on my way:


Green House Art

Beautiful exotic flower. Do you know what this is?!

Exotic Flower with filter effect. Color totally changed.

Green House + Yarn Bomb

Cute-swinging statue child

Baby on Boulder

Someones growin somethin’!

Nice-Vintage Truck

Yesterday, I was also getting ready for my art show on Friday.

Here is the flyer:

The link to the event is here.

And for a good laugh, I wanted to share a few shots I got when I ate at Kerbey Lane Cafe yesterday. The restaurant usually features local artist artwork. These are a few from the most recent artist:


Not sure the name here.


Haha, I thought they were way too cute to not capture. Really good work! Extremely high price…but really good work! 🙂

Oh and hey…school starts tomorrow. I’m actually kind of excited.

Don’t be alarmed if you don’t see me too often for the next couple of months. Booooo

<3, JLT

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