SXSW Graffiti set, PremRock and Willie Green: Artist Spotlight.


I have been sorting and uploading,

sorting….sorting, uploading…

sorting, and not uploading, then taking a break..

dancing, then sleeping, eating, sorting, sleeping, eat…etc etc.

Anyhoo! I have more photos up on my flickr account. Finally got the SXSW Graffiti set of Sloke, Reidog, Rubin, Bekit, Jaber and Exaust. Its always a great opportunity to see a piece of artwork progress, and this time wasn’t any different. It was also great getting to talk with some of the artists on what keeps them going and to meet a few other great photographers traveling for their own photographic capturing.

All artists have their own reasons for doing what they do. The main reason is simply because they love it. Because there are stories that may be intertwined within the journeys that they have experienced with their artwork and with the people that support and share the same interest.

I honestly caught myself not really wanting to shoot photos after a while. I didn’t really want to come off as being annoying with the “click-click” of my camera. And they state that they are used to it. They are used to being hounded by paparrazi like folks oh so interested in the Graff scene…

It gets to that point where, you know, I just don’t want to be another one of those people. But its contradicting, because I really do wish to begin doing interviews maybe. Getting to know people on a deeper level. Not for any public acknowledgement, but just because I am truly interested in how people get where they are, why, and from where. I guess its knowing that everyone has their own individual story. And wanting to let them share that. Maybe its the own part of myself that keeps wanting to share what I experience. Just to share it. Just to say it. The part of myself that has been documenting my own life since I was in high school. Writing and writing and writing. The part of myself that has even written about being able to share my own stories when I grow up for the ability to build and learn from my own experiences, and then share and possibly help those that are in the same boat. Maybe I can serve as inspiration too, you know?

The part of myself that is interested in how ones surroundings at youth, can influence who they are today.

It all starts with the roots.

Anyhoo! You can peep that set here, on my flickr account. You can also check out the PremRock and Willie Green set too if you’d like. I wasn’t able to get too many photos, so I just played with some filters a bit too. That stuff, is oh so fun to do.

When I walked up to PremRock and Willie during SX, I was first pulled in by the rhyming of Prem, but then completely drawn to the live beat making by Willie. When it comes to pushing buttons, there is a point where it is JUST THAT…pushing buttons. But when the person at work adds depth and layers and complexity on top of their sheer energy and vibe of loving every second of it, you get something more. That energy is what drew me in.

Peep more of Willie here. Lots of his music is downloadable for FREE.

and more of PremRock and Willie here.

and tonight, Im going to this “Spring Into Summer” Student Circus Show put on by the students of Trapeze Austin. I have a friend that has been learning to fly, and I have yet to see him! Should be pretty exciting.

Good day to you. In whatever you decide to do with it.

<3, JLT


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