Greyhound ventures-Blast from Nashville back to ATX reality.


So, yesterday morning I carried on into my very first Greyhound bus adventure ever. I knew it would be something different, and sort of even looked forward to it a bit. I knew I would get some reading done, so I didn’t mind the long drive.

and have you ever had something on your mind so often…that you just sort of wish that you could have some kind of external confirmation to help you decide that are going in the right direction. Just a bit of extra confirmation…from an outside source. Well, that too happened on this bus ride.

It was an interesting ride indeed…lots of time to think (as if I don’t do that enough already) . Just one conversation has pretty much helped me quite a bit in learning to learn from myself. Learning that there is in fact people out there that think just as much as I do, and how they even handle situations in the same way (sometimes I feel like a total alien). The aries way of being “self centered”. But a type of self centered that is only self centered because one only wishes to worry about themselves and take care of themselves first…what needs to be done. At the same time, it is a type of self centered that really wants to just help other people, by helping ones self first.

Anyway! Before I ramble on about all that, all that anyone needs to know is that there has been a lot of inner awareness unveiled. A part of me that took someone else, just like me, to slap me in the face with just how my mind really works…as well as others. It makes all such perfect sense…

Amongst all that…school starts again soon…

and yeah…school starts again soon…

I wanted to share this photo the other morning as well…I thought it turned out kind of cool.

Lookie me! I is a stencil on a wall. đŸ™‚

I wanted to use it as a sort of “salute” to my Greyhound venture. So, I believe it will still serve that purpose.

Nashville was a cool place. I actually dug certain parts of it. Especially the extremely friendly people. However, I am not sure if I see myself living there. I may have just not had enough time to explore. I did learn, that Music Row is layered and stacked with recording studio upon studio, upon studio. So so so so SO many studios to choose from. All specializing in something specific, not all catering to something the same.

I also learned that there are lots of white people, and most of the african/african american people I did see, were taxi cab drivers. Some of which even wave and smile to you when you almost run into them. LMAO. Yeah, we thought that we pretty funny.

I also learned that their university there is highly praised for its medical studies and that the city is indeed SOMEWHAT like austin. With the same downtown club/bar scene…except it honestly, was not as crowded…and pretty much every venue has a live band, of which of course…was country music related.

All in all, it was an okay stay. I was just glad to get to visit my brother. And of course, taking notice to the fact of how alike we are, how much we connect, and how much I miss him.

Ive said it before…I just hope the next semesters will fly by pretty fast…and I hope I can handle them in the best way I know how.

and P.S. Nashville also has some pretty dang good local ground chocolate. YES SIR.

and there are plenty of ducks to share it with.

<3, JLT


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