Get Down with an Update


Summer heat is floating around.

Texas heat is THE WORST. But it does make for a good sweat.

I am in Nashville right now, and have actually thought quite a bit about posting all sorts of things.

Todays post will serve as an update with some of my artsy-ness.

I find myself somewhat bummed at times because I feel like I have lost a lot of my artistic flow. At least on paper anyway. However, I think that maybe I am just expecting way too much out of myself right now. I talked to my friend about the topic, and she reminded me that I haven’t lost anything. That I am just using my creativity in different ways. Which honestly, Id have to agree with.

I have been dancing, exploring movement, challenging my body. SLEEPING. Sorting through photos and posting them, along with taking new photos when I can.

I have also been reading books that I WANT to read, opposed to the ones I have been HAVING  to read within the University. Childrens books to be exact. Along with all sorts of information on Native American culture. Just for interests sake.

My reasons for reading children’s books are many, and those shall be mentioned later.

First off, I have uploaded a new movement study. Lately I have been tossing myself around in various ways and places. Just to see how my body will react, really. I have also been working on exercises that could help build strength support for different kinds of movement requirements.

This is just an improv dance piece. Id say a Fusion, just like all of my other dancing.

On the art page, I have uploaded some new prints and color yourself pages.

On the Photography side, I have finally gotten around to uploaded some of my photos from SXSW. I know, its been way too long.

Peep the flickr.

Tis all for now,



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