Birthday gone by and a movement reflection from the past to present.


So even if a lack of motivation fills a gap in my living life lately, I notice how movement always brings me back to reality.

Or, at least, helps me handle it better.

Its really intriguing to discover new ways to move. Coming from a kickboxing, distance running, weight training and powerlifting background…I have explored movement in many different ways…all of them being mostly structured.

Dance, however, is different. While dance classes do usually contain some structural component, it is all in part of the process of knowing what you are going to teach (coming from the instructors perspective). All dancers know (probably not all, but most) , however, that movement in dance is something that should not always be planned or analyzed…

For my birthday, I felt an urge to finally take a recording of myself lashing out to this one song of which I actually stumbled upon on the radio (my car cd player is broken :/).

I feel it necessary sometimes to analyze my movement (not to be confused with analyzing my movement while moving), just for the sake of seeing how I move, how I interpret, how I adapt to music and my surroundings. I know what I feel when I dance, and it can be pure bliss when I am not thinking about anything I am doing.

But seeing from the outside helps me take note of ways in which I could possibly:

1. construct future workouts to help gain strength in certain areas of the body.

2. move through movements more fully

3. give ideas of some basic movements to play with in the future

Being a Kinesiology student, I can’t help but love movement and watching it happen. Most of my kinesiology classes stem more around structured movement, form, and protection from injury, which is always a GOOD THING. But it is also a bit of a struggle to blend such systematic ways of thinking, with those that are less organized and more abstract.

Here is me, when I don’t think:

I do learn from dance classes, however. Mainly about body awareness in time and space. There are also ways of moving that I probably would have never really felt safe in trying if it weren’t for some kind of dance foundation. I notice aspects of the various dance styles I have been influenced by, and all of my instructors take part in my shining.

Move when you want to.

In whatever way it is that you choose.

Just last night, I found myself in a balance of which I have never even seen, on my head, hand and shoulder…I laughed to myself while I was upside down…never had I thought of seeing life through such an inversion. 😛

You may not like dancing, but if you care to move a differently than those around you, then do it. Whether it be weight lifting, distance running, soccer, swimming, walking etc. etc. etc.

But don’t ever be afraid to explore outside the boundaries of your practice.

And move slowly…there is no rushing progress. Take the time to feel the change.

That is all I have to say!

How do you like to move?



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