Artist Spotlight: Wesley Eggebrecht


I love myself some Juxtapoz Magazine.

Turning to their illustration section, I stumble upon Wesley Eggebrecht.

From what Ive read, Wesley is a freelance illustrator and designer coming from Michigan. He graduated from the College for Creative Studies, Detroit branch. I have heard of this school before, and this guy definitely makes it look worth going to. Not to say that what he learned was entirely from schooling, but then again I have no idea.

According to Juxstpoz, he is currently “the art directer and CEO of Phidias Gold, an apparel brand for artists by artists.”

“The clothing we wear is a direct representation of who we are, and what inspires us. We will also be doing gallery shows, special projects, and more to inspire others to create.” – Phidias Gold

Some favorites of his personal work:

Wesley also has sick portfolio of editorial work for Transworld Snowboarding, Skateboarding and Surf, not to mention he has also done work for Nike, Converse and various other apparel gurus. Check the full portfolio here.
Don’t forget to peep the blog spot too.
<3, JLT

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