Artist Spotlight: Teo Blake (These words should be heard)



Several know I love them, many know nothing of it.

I am drawn to words, especially when they are mashed together with such elegance and flow. Hence, the beauty that is spoken word, or that one song you love so dearly.

Morphology, Phonology, etc…it is all meaningful and interesting. But one need not engage in these ideas in order to produce such a lusciously efficient collection of thought.

The depth of words, the meaning that is taken on by unlimited combinations to every… But unique to each individuals own frame of mind, is what truly expresses the minds index of imagination.

I feel like many people try to write songs that may have some meaning to them, but are also just a mashing of words that rhyme. Sadly, a great deal of todays music falls short of making any sense.

And sadly, that music is what most of our children and/or younger generation listen to…tsk tsk tsk.

However…I’d like to make note of this fellow…Teo Blake. An artist from CA, but now residing in the ATX. I was lucky enough to receive a copy of his CD, Death To Sambo, from a friend a while back. I listened to this CD on repeat for a good week or two. I could not get over the flow and the beats that trailed along right in front of me.

There isn’t much about Blake on the web, but there are a few videos for you to enjoy :)…

Hah. This one makes me laugh a little 😛 :

Get a taste of the word :

Edumacate yourself :

And of Course, this lovely production :

Want the CD?…Oh shoot! Free Download!

I invite you to listen. Actually, listen. Ask yourself what the difference is between what you hear from these lyrics, compared to whats on the radio these days…

Ask yourself what these words mean.

You might learn a little something unexpected.

and even if these tracks mean nothing to you, hopefully it will still be something different…and refreshing…and new. to you.

<3, JLT


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