“Slow down, look around” in this fast paced world.


I realize how fast I move sometimes.

Even when I am not moving.

There are often times when I feel I NEED to be doing something, or this idea of time is going to bite me in the ass.

A fellow drummer said to me the other day,  “Your a drummer, so your mind thinks fast.”

Its true…and sometimes its hard to stop it. But I feel realizing it is the first step in slowing down. It is good to be on your toes, but we often need more rest than we think.

We often lose site of the simple things, the beauty in the universe, the breath of air we are able to take in…the sun that shines…

It is expected these days and it is common in this world that has high demand for fast paced production.

I discovered this video of Jenna Jasso. I thought it suitable for this moment of reflection:

Reading her story about finding something deeper than what she thought was to be her future and life, is something I feel I can relate with right now. It’s that freedom and happiness that should be continuous and everlasting…in whatever you choose to do. You will know whats right, because you will feel it.

<3, JLT

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