Apollo Brown and dissecting the SX.


So I’ve had this guy stuck up in my windows tab area for about quite some time now. Every time I feel like hearing something enlightening, I just click play on whichever one I haven’t heard yet. Some, I play more than once.

Its hard to pick favorites, with any type of interest, but I have to say that this has to be a favorite producer right now.

From what I have read, Apollo Brown has been bumpin out beats since I was 6 years old and put out his first album in 07. Prooves getting laid off can be a blessing in disguise. Read about that here.

I wonder if I could find out more…and get ahold of earlier albums.

I love all the vocal samples and the touch of old school feel. Yep!

Have a taste, yeah?:

This one suits the weather right now:


Have some lyrics:

As I listen to these tracks, I am attempting to sort through the several categories of which my photography has been aiming at. I have a female mc line up, a dj photo shoot, live graff painting, DJ lineup and other sorts of little tid bits I discovered over the break. I even got to throw up my very first spray piece :), amongst discovering lots of other plans I have focused on for my artwork.

Id also like to touch up my resume some soon too.


<3, JLT


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