SXSW. Underground Hip Hop. Graffiti Art. Where are you headed?


SXSW. Where do I begin…

So there is a lot going on during SX and I have yet to find myself a lineup of all things imaginable (actually I did, and then misplaced it :/), but I would like to mention an event happening this week.

FIRST, however, I would like to mention the venue.

This new venue is based on the East side of ATX. I have been associated with Austin Dance Collective for a while now and recently, Elijah Woods (AKA DJ STATIK) of Wonder Rhythm has taken one of the larger studios under his wing and has turned into a grand event space for pretty much anything your heart could imagine.

The beginning

The Collective <<<click for more details

I love the idea for this space simply because it IS a STUDIO for crying out loud. We got mirrors and a whoollee lot of dance space. Much better than those other venues with limited space and inability to turn in a full circle without bumping into someone.

So this event to be mentioned, is an extension of a monthly, entitled “The Good Life“, that happens on a single sunday of every month. This month, however, the producers (and supporters) of The Good Life are slapping 3 whole evenings of awesomeness in your face. Founder of The Good Life, Tony Huynh (AKA DJ Charlie), is mad dedicated at putting these events together and always aims to make sure that the vibe falls nothing short of meaningful.

The Good Life x 3 <<<click for more details

Peep some of the line up, would ya?

A few DJs. Makin Music with the Music:


Rob Swift:

Thatkidnamedcee + Needlz:

A few female MCs!:

Lyric Jones:

Ebony Stewart:

Perseph 1:

Queen Deelah:

Viscous Cycle:

A few Male MCs:

One Be Lo:

Grey Sky Appeal:

RoQy Tyriad:


Also! The lovely Steph Williams of Austin Knight Vintage will be posted up here with her set up of 60s-80s vintage apparel.

AKV SXSW stops

If you like these flyers (which I most certainly do) you should peep the portfolio of Miss Alie Jackson. Her blog is pretty sweet too! :3

I am stoked to snap some photos of the graffiti art that will be going down outside during this week also. I’m not sure if the wall outside of The Collective is ready to accept what graffiti artist, Nathan “Sloke” Nordstrom (and friends), are about to throw down. It’s going to be beautiful! But best of all, it is going to go down in graff art history.

Needless to say, this is truly something that should not be missed (if you can help it). :3

Safe travels and happy SXSW!

<3, JLT

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