The letters within a beat + your Oracular self.


I love the simplicity in this track:

I feel simplicity is key.

Not just a good beat, but an artsy video to boot. Gotta love that combo.

I fell in love with this artist as soon as I heard this song and I love everything I heard after that as well.

An old time favorite…DJ Shadow never ceases to amaze.

and a groovy one for ya. Don’t be afraid to shake ya tail feather.

I think the thing I like most about instrumentals is the either the complexity or simplicity that is captured within each one. Combining these two opposites are complimentary indeed. If and when I begin playing with music more, I feel my sounds would fall along these lines. I find beauty in the simplicity of things…and beats are what keep me sane. The beat of a song…I feel it is a way to calm your heart if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed. To be able to grasp that external rhythm and let yourself sync with it…

I started taking some free workshops at Guitar Center here, I am not sure if they are offered in any other cities. They are basically mini audio engineering lessons and are focused on mainly the DAW Garage Band. Its great to educate the mind! and afterwards…I woke the store up (class is over at 11am) and played drums for a good while. I really miss beatin those skins! Felt so good.

Anyway! I believe I may touch base on some of these artists in greater detail in the future.

and speaking of beats, I finally gathered up the courage to not think so much. I was actually pretty excited and not so much scared to do this. I felt I had been pretty eager to let it out to a crowd or small group of folks just for the experience. Any kind of performance can be nerve wrecking…if you let it be!

So I read some poetry that I had written a while back and had stored in my green notebook, and then I did what I had really intended…beat box play time. It turns out this open mic at Kick Butt Coffee is recorded live and aired on Ustream every sunday. I had no…i…dea. But cool!

If you read my last post on Phonemic Awareness, you’ll know how I have started to become a bit more aware of the way sounds are made. Can you pick out the letters in the sounds of these tracks? I feel this is a good thing to play with and keep in mind. Its really interesting to take note of the difference between pronunciations of words, letters, sounds, etc. If it interests you, you should try too!

I think this is perfect timing for a word of the day:


[aw-rak-yuh-ler, oh-rak-]


1. of the nature of, resembling, or suggesting an oracle: anoracular response.
2. giving forth utterances or decisions as if by specialinspiration or authority.
3. uttered or delivered as if divinely inspired or infallible;sententious.
4. ambiguous; obscure.
5. portentous; ominous.
You are rather oracular in the way you be swangin those hips!
You are oracular at doing whatever you choose. Embrace your highest self and just be you!
I think I like this word because of its magical essence. When I think of an oracle, I think of something nerdy like Magic the Gathering or a video game like Castlevania. ;3
I found this video (had to link it cause there was a glitch in the posting system) in search of a Castlevania link, more awesome instrumentals. I love this so much!
Definitely check out this guys other videos. They cover a really WIDE range of genres. Awesome!
All of these tracks posted here, are also posted on my art page. Like the page if you wish to stay updated with various aspects of my artsy fartsy self. Or if you just want to help support, thats cool too and I appreciate it to the highest.
<3, JLT

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