3rd Coast Tribal Festival Photos are LIVE and a practice perspective


they actually have been for a little while, but I JUST finished organizing them to my satisfaction.

Check out my flickr photo stream

I am really and truly grateful for getting to cover this event. Its not only in the fun of photography, but in the gaining of experience and insight that is also contributed. Amongst sorting through a set of photographs, you revisit that time and place. In this case, I could almost hear the hip hop inspired music in Donnas class and can remember just how connected we all become during Sharon Kiharas.

There is a point where you take dance classes and yes, you learn choreography and you drill moves till your hips or legs are about to fall off. It is a good feeling and it is good to know that you can come back to these ideas that you learn and even incorporate them into your own sense of practice. But taking classes is exactly that, you learn certain things that can contribute to your practice. You may take a move here and possibly place it there, or manipulate it, or maybe think nothing about it afterwards…

my point is that you don’t need to take a whole bunch of classes in order to find your true dancing self. They do help by giving you ideas, and help you in escaping your own mindset by taking a glimpse into someone else’s. They can also help you to build a stronger foundation and a sense of how much you are actually capable of. I would imagine that dance classes of any sort could help you expand those parts of your brain dealing with cognitive capabilities like comprehension and problem solving that benefit you in handling all other aspects of life.

I take dance classes, but try not to take too many…

Its fun to learn new things and build on new ideas, but I also don’t want to stray away from my own independent developing as a dancer. Practice for me, is simply getting up and playing with space around me, wherever it may be. Maybe Ill focus on something that I wish to strengthen or drill a move that I learned a while back just to work on getting down the precision of it.

Above it all, its all in good fun and in whichever way you choose to expand your imagination, that is who you are and that is who you are becoming.

Accept yourself, the way YOUR body moves and embrace it.

<3, JLT


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