No Doubt about it, and an Art Contest to boot.


old time favorite…and for some reason, besides the itchy sickness brewing in my throat and only being about 5 hours into sleep (on a Saturday morning :/ ), I have still risen with the rainy sun and felt the need to blast some Gwen.

I know its early, so this is a good starter…I remember when I learned that first little guitar part a really long time ago…it was kinda cool. 😛

Who’s life is it? :3

Now dance it out and wake the F up!


On another note, I have been accepted into this art contest on the Rabid Girls Facebook page. That there is the link to my piece but there are lots of other awesome works in there so be sure to check them out and vote (like their page and then like the artwork you like the most)!

Amputique-watercolor and ink

if interested, more of my sketches and doodles are viewable on my Facebook page:

Jennifer Trigo Art/Fluxstruck Designs   like if you like 🙂


And On ANOTHER note, today is my brothers “Gender review party” for the birth of his FIRST child. He’s the first of the 3 of us to have a kid, and so that means its going to be my FIRST time being an AUNT. I have no idea what the gender will be, but I know the process of finding out includes something about hidden messages inside cupcakes?…I could use a mini me 😛 Pretty excited!

p.s. Organic dark chocolate morsels and Sweet potato with eggs this morning…so good. Good for you dessert for breakfast…thats whats up!

<3, JLT


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