Productive back.drops.


So it is no doubt that things do tend to get away from us sometimes. and sometimes one of those things can be ourselves. Amidst the chaos that life may be at times, it is important that one realize when they feel a sense of themselves missing as well.

Lately, I have been living the life of a college student. Sometimes it is hard for me, being that I have so many things that interest me. I do appreciate school though, and while I find the material in my classes to be incredibly interesting. I am also certain to make sure and only take everything with a grain of salt. I do learn about many views. Almost all of my classes usually start with a summary of differing past perspectives. But my goal is to take the things I hear and turn them into something that can teach me for myself and not for someone else.

I can get really into this stuff…in case you couldn’t really tell by now.

I mean seriously though, there has to be someone else out there that gets as excited as I do about buying new pens and highlighters. 🙂

Anyway, Im keeping myself busy. Busy with school, busy with dancing and movement, learning about core health in more ways than one…letting go of some things and embracing what feels best to my soul at this moment…

Its a big feat for me…learning to deal with this weird transformation of myself. Keeping myself busy and learning what I can, yes. But its the learning about what I see inside myself as being real, and what parts of me I can let go of (and can always come back to later if I choose to), that really matters.

With that said, lots of things be a-brewing. And sometimes it’s almost as silent as a language lost.

How productive are your levels, hmm?

<3, JLT


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