Sweet Dreams to New Awakenings


Funny how the more I think about school, the more I think about how to incorporate it into my life. Studies ranging from dance and movement studies (in soooo many different ways via kinesiology classes, modern II, and other various styles of interest) to language acquisition. Manipulating language in ways of my own (including dance) and becoming  even more interested in doing so. Adolescent development should also not go unmentioned.

I still have an article to complete this weekend by early in the week, so that must get done as well. Photos of my 3rd Coast venture are to be posted up soon, indeed.

The night life is cool and all, I really really like to get my dance on at places playing loud music…but those times must now be limited. My sleep schedule is WACK if it doesn’t stay set right. Talk about tossing and turning all night long. LAME.

So sleep well swell beings…or not.

Anyhoo, heres one to help ya out if you need it.

<3, JLT

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