Exploration of the Alphabet: Letter A


like the Fonz 😛

Alright, so secretly…I am in love with fonts.

Fonts, typography, letters, text, whatever you wish to call it. All being symbols in some way or another…within the vibrations of the tongue or the space between each other.  Each differing dramatically or with only the slightest aspect of detail. This stems into my love of how words are constructed and how they are only effective if pronounced with manipulation of the tongue.

I have yet to dive into the world of typography, but as I begin to study language more, I am growing more and more intrigued. This post and the following few posts are aimed not only at typography, but the use of letters and words that begin with them. Simply, an exploration of the alphabet.

It’s funny…my father asks me to call him every day (just so he knows I’m alive and what not (parental worries)) or to at least “text” him. His latest reminder about this was in telling me that if I would AT LEAST text him a SINGLE LETTER every day. He suggested I go through the alphabet. I thought to myself, “you know, thats not a bad idea.”

I decided to set out on my typographic and word art venture. It also seems to fit into the ideas I have about themed alphabet books. I stumbled upon one that I had thought to illustrate (alphabet and food items), so I guess I am exploring it in a different way (and will maybe still do that one day).

First of all, I think you should take a peep (if interested) in this article I so luckily seemed to stumble upon about the origins of the alphabet. Where does the alphabet even come from? Why does this letter look like that one? You shall find those answers here-The Origins Of ABC.

and if your lucky enough to be spending all that money on your iPhone or iPod touch, you can even get some font games via the same site here. You can tell me how that goes, because  I don’t own one :/.

I find it interesting that letters developed from pictograms (pictures carved in stone, clay, etc). Passing through several generations and historical time periods of differing cultures, letters have evolved just like we do.

Alphabet letter A. Commence!

From this previously mentioned article, you find that the letter a stems from an animal, actually. The Ox.

Ox head (“aleph”)-origins of the latin A.

The Origins of ABC

When you think of the letter a, what comes to mind? Of course, the word Apple seems to be most common. But there are so many words in the world that its difficult to stop at just that one. Lets see, according to my life recently…a stands for…


Stemming from the Phoenician script, we have this Alphabet consisting of only consonants; a main root of our alphabet today.

Greek Alphabet

Coptic Language

Gothic Alphabet (there are a few, but I seem to like the simplicity in this one the most right now)-

Gothic Alphabet

Egyptian Alphabet

Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Ancient Syria

Mayan Alphabet

(all taken from Karen’s Whimsey)

Anne Anderson– I love these illustrations.

Decorative letter A from British children's annual (taken from Grandmas Graphics)

Aries, the almighty fire sign (of which I am):

ARIES illustration by Tim Tomskinson

Ableton. A music making software I have been playing with.

Interesting a letter words:

able- 1, having the means or power to be or act. 2, having marked intellectual qualifications

abracadabra- 1, a cabalistic word-charm. 2, mumbo-jumbo (yes, this is actually in the dictionary :3 )

absentminded-preoccupied; forgetful

abecedarian- a beginner.– elementary; primary.

avocado-tropical american fruit: the alligator pear

aviation- the art or science of flying in the air, esp. in heavier than air aircraft

aviary- an enclosure in which birds are kept

avast-stop! hold!

aurora- 1, morning twilight; the dawn of anything. 2, an atmospheric phenomenon causing night lights in polar regions, aurora borealis (north), aurora australis (south)

authentic- 1, actually of ascribed authorship or origin; genuine.

autoimmune-the immune response of an organism against its own components (such as hoshimotos thyroiditys of which I was once diagnosed with :/ )

autopsy- dissection and inspection of a dead body to discover the cause of death

azimuth-an angle measured clockwise from north to south

autism-excessive involvement in oneself

auditory- the sense of organs of hearing

atom-the smallest particle having the properties of specific chemical element. 2, anything extremely small.

atrocious- 1, extremely wicked, criminal, or cruel; heinous. 2, of poor quality.

assonance- resemblance in spoken sound, without strict rhyme

asbestos- a mineral used for fireproofing (careful, this stuff is hazardous to your health. My grandfather developed cancer…)

aerial- 1, of, produced by, or inhabiting air. 2, high in the air. 3, light in weight or substance; visionary. 4, graceful; ethereal.–arielist, a trapeze acrobat

Aerial Silks

Agent Red-aerialist extraordinare

Art Outisde– annual art and camping adventure in Apache Pass-created by ArtSeen Alliance

aerobic and anaerobic-with and without oxygen

abstinence-self restraint in satisfaction of appetite

ablaze-1, on fire. 2, brilliantly lighted up. 3, very excited; angry.

Alliteration with the letter a (aiming towards my new ventures with aerial classes that started yesterday): I’d like to approximately apply my appetite for this apparatus of amazingly astronomical attributes. To attain all aspects accurately will amend myself and amount to the ability of achieve astounding airwaves that have yet to be touched.

Music: Atmosphere

And in case you don’t know how to say the letter A, maybe you should watch this video. Theres a funky bass line that comes in that you should probably give a listen to anyway :P.

Read more about the letter A, here.

and for more viewing pleasure, check out The Worlds Most Creative Alphabets.

<3, JLT

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