Wrapping presents on a low budget in your own unique way.


So its christmas time soon and that means you will more than likely be spending quite a bit of your time in several stores surrounded by other people doing the exact same thing. Or maybe your one of those that says “screw waisting all that time!” and you decide to spend your time sitting in from of the wonderful world that is shopping online. Whatever you choose to do, after a long day (or maybe even multiple), you have finally reached the end of that long line that is holiday shopping and are ready to finally check out. “Success!”, you think to yourself. You arrive home and now its time for the fun part…wrapping.

You are ready to sit down, maybe with some hot tea or coffee and suddenly realize that you forgot the most important thing…WRAPPING PAPER!

Don’t fret! Here are some ideas for giving your own unique spark to each and every present.

Recycle: This one is my favorite. I personally like to take advantage of the many brown paper bags I collect while shopping for groceries. I will usually turn them inside out if they have any print one the outside and use them.

You can be as creative as you wish to be. If you have scrapbooking paper, that could work too. A design will already be on it, leaving you with less work!

Create stickers for cards or for sealing envelopes, bags or for decoration: In my last post, I talked about graffiti stickers and how people usually use them on the streets. In this case, you can use the same idea and make your own unique sticker designs for all your gift wrapping needs. Wal-Mart has the “Hello, My Name Is” sticker packs or you could swipe some of the free postage label stickers from the post office (but I didn’t tell you that. 😉 ).

Decorating: You could use stickers, as just mentioned. But maybe you want to get into greater detail with your gift wrapping. I fancy ink most of the time, so that was my medium of choice. However, you could use any kind of paint or drawing tools you choose.

This year, I am keeping it pretty simple. So far, this is what I got:

Wrapping&Recycling (using markers and pilot pens for the ink and design outline)

Wrapping&Recycling2 (brown paper bags work wonders)

Mom Gift (homemade sticker heart)

Homemade Sticker ❤ (colored with marker)

Your creativity need not be limited. Any paper will do. You could use newspaper for a cool all over text effect or any other kind of blank or textured paper that catches your eye. You can add more tangible items like feathers or little jewels that can be glued on. You could use stencils or simply trace any interesting shaped household items. Maybe you have a whole case of buttons that you collect or use for other projects, that would work too. Glitter and glitter glue? Oh! what about those googly eyes that they sell at craft stores? I remember those from when I was younger. 😛

Like these! (taken from Amazon)

In conclusion, it really just matters how much you are willing to spend. Maybe you “don’t have the time” to devote to projects like this…Trust me, if you have time to sit in front of the television and watch reruns, YOU HAVE THE TIME.

& plus…this is a great way to spend some time with your kids. Unless you are wrapping presents for them of course. 😛

If you have any other ideas of how to make a unique gift wrapping experience. I’d love to hear it!

<3, JLT


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