Graffiti stickers, Slaps, or what have you. Artist Spotlight: IISIVEII


Paris Stickers Graffiti Wall (taken from a really cool article on graffiti on Weburbanist)

So graffiti is something that I see to be incredibly interesting. I love street art no matter what style it is in. I often wish I had the skill to lay down multiple layers of paint. I play with fonts and text when I am working on some illustration work but on a large graff artist scale, burners are something that I haven’t had the opportunity to play with just yet.

For now, I stay on paper. The most graffiti related work I might do would be via stickers or “slaps”.

Slaps are graffiti stickers and stickers (according to this glossary) are defined as:

“A form of tagging, most commonly saying “Hello, my name is”. Can be anything from computer-generated, clear, generic blank stickers that have the writer’s name on them to elaborate stickers with little pieces and characters. Some writers consider stickers to be for people who are “afraid” to use markers/paint, while other writers use a combination of stickers with markers and paint.I was a little back and forth about letting this post out, being that graffiti art isn’t necessarily something that is always looked up to and yes, you can get in trouble. Stickers do not constitute graffiti, however placing them somewhere that is forbidden is still against the law.”

There is much controversy, as stickers do not constitute graffiti. However, they are still a form of vandalism if placed some where they do not belong.

With that being said, I make them…and I love it. It is a hobby and it is something I enjoy. It feels really good to just crank out many mini illustrations. I love detail work and working on such a small scale allows for lots of it. I pass them onto friends who may or may not stick them somewhere. Sometimes I illustrate their portraits on them and they may simply decide to keep them forever. Some of them may decide to stick them somewhere that they shouldn’t?

Point is, I do what I love, and so should you. I don’t tell anyone to stick these anywhere if they do decide to. I just think they are fun and love to see others creativity with them as well.

I first discovered slaps via Youtube. I stumbled upon SIVES channel and started watching his reviews of other peoples stickers that they would send in. Sometimes he does trades and even prints for other people. I found this to be pretty inspiring and decided to have my hand at it. Through watching these videos you an see so many different styles. Some are simply tags of street names, some are simple doodles and some are complete works of art with color, outline, detail etc (not that they aren’t all works of art).

Here is one from SIVE that is pretty recent. You can subscribe to his channel if you like what you see (many links to other similar channels will show up in the side bar).

This is also kinda cool and I may ask for one for christmas 😛 :

As well as these, hahaha.



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