Other Visions. Multiple.


Note: Sometimes, I feel it is a good idea to take a step out of my own mind. It is interesting to observe just how much personality types vary and just how much of someones past can influence their future….


No luck finding marker paper bigger than 11×14, but it’ll still work out. I was looking at this brand, online. They have different sizes and seems like it may be pretty on key to what I need.

School is coming to a close. Well, it actually has already but finals are still in the works. Lately I have been dabbling in all sorts of inspiration. Drawing more, dancing more, I even sold an original piece today (excite!). It was my favorite one, but I have gotten nothing but good vibes from the buyer and new friend, Dawn. I know it is going to a good home :).

I have a print version of it up now in my Etsy shop.


Friends? Lovers?

Whatever the matter, theres nothing else like good old fashion teamwork.

Fairies? Nymphs? They got no wings, so what should they be?
Perhaps just human, like you and me.

Simply floating.

Aside from that, I have begun transferring over a sketch onto a larger sheet of watercolor paper. Progress looks a little something like this…

Dangling by a Thread

Also just uploaded the caught footage of my set at Happy Daze Hookah Lounge as mentioned in a previous post, Lots of jots, Help one remember. Thanks to my dad for getting this bit of fun recorded.

So my mind is everywhere lately. In a good way of course.

I attended Kathy Dunn Hamricks Flash Dance, but Flashier matinee yesterday.

Flash Dance, but Flashier (no flyer credit)

We got timers and 3d glasses, floating clouds and lonely cardboard boxes. The dancers came and went with ease as they transitioned from dance to dance. It was actually one long, continuous piece. Nonstop dancing=Nonstop awesomeness! Solos, duets and trios. There was a relationship that you could encounter as they used elements of both eye and physical contact when they danced together and even apart. On a silver lined back wall of square shapes, the projector counted down the dances as people set their phone timers to count down the minutes and just as promise, the performance was over in exactly 6O. Over all I thought this show was pretty creative even in using props made out of recycled items. How could you NOT love that? I loved the unexpected synchrony that would arise between dancers and the interactions they set out to have with the audience incorporating 3d glasses. I was excited to see what Kathys Dance company had in store. I knew it would be something great as she is such a great choreographer and teacher. If your in the Austin area, she also teaches classes at Cafe Dance and has a schedule up on her site here. I hope to take more classes with her again soon!


I am excited to say that I am going to be taking photos for 3rd Coast Tribal coming up in January.

Unfortunately classes have filled up super fast. However,there are still a few open (!) and I am glad to be experiencing anything I can get out of this event. You can read more about all of the beautiful dancers and instructors that will be there here, and I will post my own updates about the event afterwards. I am not sure which classes I am taking yet, still trying to figure my schedule out. BUt I WILL BE THERE!

Soooo excited being that last year was amazing. Donna Mijias class on The Silvestre Technique totally blew me away. It is still my dream to learn more about it and I wish to someday be able to train with originator, Rosangela Silvestre. When I took this class it was only in a small serving size. I only got a taste of the awesomeness that resides in such an idea. I love how focus is on the elements and connecting yourself with them. We would move like air, water, fire and earth; whirling and whipping, cascading and falling, striking and finding that all over sense of feeling grounded. As soon as it was over, I wished it wasn’t and thought to myself that I NEED more of this in my life. It was beautiful and such an amazing experience. If you wish to read more about it, you should check out the Silvestre Technique Dance Intensive website. I could only wish that it is still around next year. I would be a dream come true to be able to attend the intensive once school is over. I also discovered this quick article that touches base on Rosangela Silvestre from the Conscious Dancer site. I must add, I freakin LOVE this site, so you better do yourself a favor and check it out. :3

I am such a fanatic of anything tribal. The art, the music (especially the drums), modern and traditional views alike, I am DRAWN. (you know this brings an idea for a tribal week of nothing but tribal related posts. oh yes, this WILL happen.)


On another note, I am going to try and make it out to this today

27th Wheatsville Arts Festival

I can play with my camera a bit and see if I can get some good photos. Gotta love my circus fam and aint nothin’ like keeping it local.

Maybe after some shopping, I’m kinda needing some new dance wear Fo Real. Maybe I shop online?

Happy warm and cozy sunday, guys. Its definitely good drawing and cuddling weather out here.

<3, JLT

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