Lots of jots, help one remember.


Alright so it seems like there is quite a bit going on for everyone right now.

I got folks needing to scrape glue off of rabbit skeletons and others dealing with other sorts of anxieties.

For me, lately. I have been noticing how a lot of whats going together is flowing on a absurd kind of level. Absurd as in Bad but Bad as in Good. What worries us is so much different to the beautiful beings that surround us every day.

I’ve been feeling very moved lately to a tribal beat. I have been for a really long time, but especially lately.

This past weekend consisted of turkey, sweet things and more sweet things. Too many sweet things. There are good sweet things and there are bad sweet things. These were mainly bad… But! I am still alive so onward through the fog.

Thanksgiving brings me mixed feelings. Being a so called “fake holiday” by some. However I simply like to look at it as a time to visit with family. The holidays are probably the only time my family comes together besides during other less fortunate times such as when someone passes away. I would have to say this thanksgiving was a good one. I got to catch up with a few people (family and friends) that I had not seen in a while. I got to visit with a boy who has been diagnosed with ADD, but my beliefs are that this advanced little being is simply so bored out of his mind that he tends to cause trouble when he is trying to occupy it.

I also got do some performing at a friends Grand opening of Happy Daze Hookah Lounge. I have to say that bringing something like fire spinning and fusion dancing to such a small community (especially my own) is something that brings me great happiness. It allows me to take a step back and see how much I have progressed without forgetting where I came from. It allows me to see just  how possible the impossible may be overcome and granted as long as you strive for what you really believe in. I have to admit that I was pretty surprised to have other austin artists taking the stage with me. Eleven Fingered Charlie was pretty amazing and I was glad that such big talent would travel to such a small place. I believe that reaching out to everyone (and not just trying to get to the top) is something that isn’t seen too often these days. Therefore, in my eyes, it is greatly appreciated.

With that being said, everyone did a pretty amazing job. The Bad Chords brought some local talent from San Diego, Tx, we had some bellydancers from Corpus Christi come and do there thing too, offering a different style for perhaps different tastes. Eleven fingered Charlie worked it with some sexy saxy reggae vibes of which I was glad to get to shake my tail feather to :). Chill vibes all around but the greatest part of all was that I was actually able to buy groceries today…with money I made…doing something that I LOVE.

It needs to be like this more often.

As mentioned before, so much going on. I have some plans to start doing artist spotlights for the blog, so that will start VERY SOON. The coming week will be full of more East side observations and interviews for one of my classes. I have to say that despite all the negative feedback that East austin may get sometimes, I love it. I have experienced nothing but positive vibes on the East side and not the mention all of the awesome street and graffiti art that you see at almost every corner.

Example being:

Beauty Bombing on the East side

Besides east side observations, I have been working on my own artwork lately.




hand labeling and sorting

Doodle Buggin' Shape.Circle

I will be putting these up in my Etsy Store some time soon along with one other print. It is definitely on my list of things to do.

I also need to put an idea I have on paper for the Blood Money Drive silent auction. This event is funding a movie; PostModern Undead and is coming up on Friday December 16th. I’m down for anything dead, undead, both and/or covered in blood of course. :>

Blood Money Drive (awesome flyer by Alie Jackson)

Contacting a few people interested in some originals, get my observation paper worked on and turned in, study for an exam I have on the same day. I got 2 events coming up where I will get to setup shop coming up on the 11th and 17th which means I also need to start working on some christmas card designs :).

Sooooooo it is an eventful month. Aside from all of the stuff I need to do, after I have finally done them, I will have some time to work on more costumes. I am still working on 2 different choreography pieces, one modern/contemporary and the other along a more hip hop feel. Being that it is December, means that the school semester is about to finish and it is almost christmas time (more family gatherings:) and a possible LED hoop?!?!?! ).

I shall leave you now with the tracks I used for my fusion dance set this weekend as I go on my merry way to work on my main focus at the moment, Homework (obviously not, as I am doing this instead of that. heh heh)! Take a listen and let yourself FEEL it. I believe the coolest compliment I got this weekend was from a fellow telling his friend that I made him want to dance and he didn’t know why.

<<<<“YES!” I told him. “You should want to dance!” >>>>

comments like that make me really happy…like you would not even believe.

Hey Cha Cha by Cmore– this track is by a local austinite who actually grew up in the same small town as I did. Don’t forget to peep the rest of his tracks. Dope beats await you.

Come Together (Beatles mix) by David Starfire– I actually got the opportunity to dance along side this music maker at Art Outside 2011. Some awesome mixes, Id say.

and this one…you gotta see it.

<3, JLT

I will probably come back to these artists in the future as I get into more of my artist spotlights. Stayyyyy tuned.


3 thoughts on “Lots of jots, help one remember.

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