I am a Health “Nut”, but I am keeping it Real.


Okay so honestly, I love food.

I have also struggled with it for a pretty decent amount of my teenage and young grown up life. My first few blogs to follow belong to foodies and food scientists such as Marks Daily AppleRobb Wolfs Paleo Solution and Whole Nine of which also discuss fitness and lifestyle as a whole. I also by no means wish to exclude the several other blogs with recipes and lifestyle stories. This blog however, I do not plan on turning into one that focuses on just that, but I do not plan to cut out a very important part of my life…and yours.

Health has been pretty important to me for a while now…my struggles with food involve stress eating to help me cope with anxiety issues. I have to admit, that even though it has taken a long time for me to get out of that funk (and not completely), I am learning to find different outlets for stress.

Seriously, these are probably 2 of the realist photos you will see of me, ever. This is the face of stress and depression, stemming from a battle with myself and my body image amongst other things. The feelings were immense and thus I felt the need to document. I was tired of crying and needed to see what damage I was doing to myself in order to realize I needed to find a way out.












As mentioned before though, I am happier today as I am finding more and more inspiration every day. I touch on this topic of Health and food because  I believe that if I were not fueled properly, my creative side would not be able to feel and explore as freely as it could. I still struggle, but still aim to live healthy. I feel I am making progress, always.

I am not one to shun any view of anything. Diet included. There is so much information out there that it can get pretty overwhelming, so I don’t plan on aiming towards anything specific. The main idea is that EVERYONE is DIFFERENT, so no single approach works for every body.

I personally favor the idea of eating foods that are as close to nature as possible.

Real ingredients, I believe should be the main thing to focus on in any diet. It is not only safer for you (as you eat it) and your family (as your family will eat what you feed them), but for the environment as well (sustainable production processes). And while I do not aim to focus on any one diet, I believe the Paleo Diet is one that is most similar to my beliefs and makes a lot of sense to me when it comes down to being Real about your food.

Soooo, with all that said. I bring to you my first food topic of interest…Nuts and Seeds. Seedy Nut.   See the Nut.  See the Nut run. (I like to play with words, but that is something we haven’t discussed just yet 🙂 )


A lot of people trying to lose weight or stay in shape deal with the hassle of not knowing what to eat. FAT IS ALWAYS AN ISSUE even though it actually shouldn’t be.

Our bodies need fats of all sorts to run properly. Nuts and Seeds contain healthy, unsaturated fats of which may increase your good cholesterol (yes, there is such a thing) and help keep your heart healthy amongst other benefits. The main thing to look out for, is your serving size. For me, thats a tough one! But we honestly do not need to consume as much (of any food) as we do these days. This post is great about summing up the deets on nuts and seeds.

I personally like Whole Foods fact sheet on pumpkin seeds.

I believe my favorite nut to be almond, no cashew, no pistachio…no Almond! and my favorite seed to be….uh…..pumpkin? You know what…I don’t take sides. hah!

Sunbutter is amazing and their blog actually lists a post from a fellow who has had great success by incorporating this sunflower seed spread into his diet and it just so happens that he is also on the Paleo Diet bandwagon! Read more about his story here.

Almond butter is another favorite, but I usually get that one fresh ground at HEB or any other store that offers it. When I do buy any branded nut butter (they also have walnut, pecan and cashew or coconut spread), it would probably be from this brand and not to mention, little pocket size packets are pretty convenient. They have products that don’t contain any added sugar which is a big plus. Almond butter always reminds me of Heather from Heather Eats Almond Butter. Her blog was one of the first I followed and watched grow into something beautiful. And grow it did indeed, for it is now a website! She is a sweet gal. I have not met her yet, but we have conversed via email. My brother now lives in Nashville, so maybe there is a possible meeting up in the future ;).

In other forms, I favor Almond Breeze’ unsweetened almond milk. It has less sugar than regular milk and a lot more calcium than regular milk. The flavor is somewhat nutty, but not too different from a cows. Excellent milk replacement.

See the almonds trail.


2 thoughts on “I am a Health “Nut”, but I am keeping it Real.

  1. I’ve been making seed/nut crackers lately and love them! Added some dried cranberries to a batch and they were yummy too. Fun!
    Made my first batch of almond milk two weeks ago and it was very good. Used the pulp to make an almond ice cream, that needed some work… lol.
    Thanks for your candor, Jennifer. I relate to much of what you are writing and appreicate the links. Keep smiling! Luv to you…

    • Jenn T.

      OMG that sounds awesome. Homemade almond milk!? you gotta be kidding me! Too legit.
      I needa go visit you some time 😉 Thanks for reading and the purchase!

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