Sorne with Woven Feet


Arriving to Lonestar Studios on the night of November 19, I got the chance to have some pre show conversation with a dancer of which I met at the auditions for this very show of which I was about to watch. She mentioned that she heard this show being Top Pick in San Antonios equivalent to the Austin Chronicle.

Sorne is based out of Austin, TX and I heard about them a while back through a friend of mine who stumbled upon them and was blown away. Their music is pretty captivating and their stage performance is alluring indeed. To me, there is almost something religious about it. If it were possible to see sound and perhaps even touch it, through this music, I feel am able to do so.

This show, however, was different being that they were incorporating some live performance art (dance and ariel work) into their show. I mentioned the auditions for this show previously and even though I am simply not at that level yet and was not able to perform with them, this show was something I did not want to miss out on.

Woven Feet rehearsal for Sorne (photo credit:Oliver Thomas)

The Woven Feet dance troupe pulled an amazing performance together. They did not stop between songs, but acted and performed right along with the band members for Sornes entire set that was roughly 1 1/2 hours long! Their bodies were painted completely white, right next to their costumes.The intensity of their arm and hand gestures slicing through the air, the stomping and frantic shaking of their heads, arms and torsos, all while complementing but contrasting with stillness and a silent stance gives me one of those feelings you get when you are doing something you really love. Euphoria or an epiphany, if you will. Like I am there doing it right along with them. The tribal nature combined with a modern style is what captivates me the most about their performance and interactions with the singer (Morgan Sorne) and eachother.

{This would be the part where I uploaded one of the videos I recorded, but alas, technology has failed me.}

There is fluidity in their rigidity from both the band members and the dancers, separate and combined.

So I leave you with this…I honestly haven’t been feeling my best lately and I feel this song suits my mood incredibly well.

Sorne- First Born


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